Lace skirts


I got invited to a magazine show! This is a pretty big deal for me guys. When I opened the letter, which was super fancy by the way, I was so excited. I first of all didn’t think it was real. But after a little googling I came to realize two things: it was real and I had nothing to wear. I continued googling to see what other kinds of outfits, looks, dresses, designers, had been worn in previous years. I didn’t know if it was long or short style dresses, are we talking Oscars or AMA’s ya know?! So after a bit of research I settled on a lace skirt that I would make be the most talked about outfit there, probably from the most unknown person there.

I immediately went online and began searching like a champ. I came across a few options that I thought might work.

lace skirt

pink lace skirt

black lace skirt

Find all the above here.

I need to decide if I want to go graceful and elegant like option number three, or do we want to be a little sassy and dare devilish and go with the black leather lace.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do or wear, so aside from asking you guys to comment on what YOU vote, I thought I’d ask my mom. While she has next to no fashion sense, there is always comfort in getting your moms opinion, regardless of how old you are! My mom is always telling me the wrong answer. “You should wear a jacket it’s going to be cold”..80 degrees, “eat before you go, they aren’t serving food”..5 course meal. LOLOl you get the point. So she votes that I go with option number 1. The skirt is sexy but not too revealing, as it’s my first show, and a timeless shirt like shown would guarantee me never being featured on Fashion Police’s starlet or streetwalker camera.

So before I straight up beat the odds and go with what my mom’s opinion is, I am coming to you guys for help! See what other young women are wearing or what looks they’re going for to similar appearances and let’s see what you can come up with. Remember I’m trying to show off my unique fashion and styling expertise, however I also don’t want to look back in 6 months and say oh boy, WHAT was I thinking.

Comment whatever you think  you’ll like in the comments below. If you find anything off the site I provided that’s even easier! Can’t wait to see what you guys can come up with!

Military Style Green Jacket

What is it with this long-term obsession (lasting several years now) with military style green jackets. This is especially popular during the fall and spring seasons, because most of these hunter green military jackets seem to come in a thin polyester, mostly waterproof, jackets. Don’t get me wrong, I love this deep forest green color. With my blue-green eyes this is my go-to color for anything because the green color really bring out the green in my eyes! I guess these jackets also give a nice variety to the far too common bland jackets that usually come in black and gray.

Here is one of my favorite military style green jacket from Marc by Marc Jacob’s.


I love this jacket. My new motto for buying jackets is to make sure they go past my hips to my mid-thighs. This green color is so vibrant and the length is perfect. However, the price of almost $800 is not very agreeable. But, I still wanted to use it as an example because it is a prime example of the perfect green fall or spring jacket.

A more affordable military style jacket with a slightly less vibrant more delicate color take a look at the jacket below:


This one is adorable as well. I seem to always fold the sleeves of my jackets for each one of my jackets. Thus, the little flaps that keep up the sleeves for this jacket make me like it that much more. Another similarity between these jackets are the strings at the front sides of the jacket. These strings supposedly give you the ability to “scrunch” up the bottom of your jacket. I never understood the purpose of these strings. Are they there to not let the air flow through on a cold, windy day or simply for decoration? Whether these strings are useful or not, they seem to be a common trend among these green military style jackets. This green jacket is a little less “military style” than the Marc by Marc Jacob’s jacket I posted above. This means that this jacket is less hard-cut sharp structure in the shape and style. For example, this jacket hangs lower in the back, in addition to having the versatile sleeves.

As you can see in both these examples, the jackets were paired with some simple, neutral colored outfits. White and black in these cases. Because these jackets are green they go great with some jeans, booties and a white tee. They add a nice pop of color and give off a laid-back yet pulled together daily look.

As popular as these green jackets may be I still have not succumbed to the peer pressure of purchasing one . However, I will admit that I purchased a military green color trench coat. And I love it!! The trench coat style makes it much more elegant than the common military style you’ll find on the street. I found some great green jackets here:  Overall, I have to admit as much as I don’t like following all the trends out there, I have grown to like the green military style jacket fad.


How to wear a tulle skirt

When I think tulle skirt, I think of Carrie Bradshaw from Sexy and the City. You know which outfit I’m talking about?

Carrie Bradshaw

This iconic skirt look will forever go down in fashion history. Let’s be honest though, a tulle skirt probably isn’t the most wearable item of clothing,  but ladies, it can be done!

The firs step is finding the perfect tulle skirt. They come in all lengths, colors, and styles. Click here for a bunch of tulle skirt options from tons of different stores.  Now that you have your tulle skirt, let’s look at 3 different ways you can style it.


Style tulle skirt with a denim shirt

A denim jacket can turn a formal tulle skirt into daywear. Granted, you probably won’t be going to the grocery store in this look, it would be perfect for brunch, or a day about town. You can go for a light washed denim shirt or a darker style. Forever 21 has a great selection of denim shirts in a variety of washes. When it comes to your shoes for this look you have a ton of options. Personally, I think nude flats or hells look the best. However, if you wan to go for that southern vibe, then by all means rock your cowboy boots!

tulle skirt with denim jacket


Style tulle skirt with a crop top

A flirty crop top is great way to create a day to night look with a tulle skirt. When picking your crop top, don’t go for a style that is ultra low cut on the top since you will already be showing some midriff. Nasty Gal has a huge selection of crop tops that would look stunning with a tulle skirt. For an added touch, try picking a crop top that features a bold graphic pattern like the once shown in the picture. Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how stunning those black bow shoes are? I mean come on!

tulle skirt with crop top


Style tulle skirt with a cardigan

For a ladylike look, try styling a tulle skirt with a cardigan. It is best to wear a cardigan that is more fitted, otherwise the proportions will be off. Remember to tuck in the cardigan to show off your waist.  The picture below is the perfect example of how to wear a cardigan with a tulle skirt. I love how she adds a fun pop of color with the green cardigan.  She also ties in the gold embellishments of her cardigan with her pointy tow gold shoes.

tulle skirt with cardigan


Okay, so you feeling inspired by these gorgeous tulle skirt looks? I sure know am.  These tulle skirt looks are great options for a fancy dinner or a holiday party.


All the rave: Platform sneakers

In case you haven’t heard the latest on what’s hot and what’s not, it’s platform sneakers. Trends come in and out of our culture like a hot potato anywhere from 10 years to 40 years ago. I’m talking overalls, chokers, hamer pants, yes you’re thinking right. Baggy up top, tight at the end, just like good ol’ MC wore himself. And now, we’re throwing it back to the days of Baby, Ginger, Sporty, Posh, and Scary because platform shoes are in again.

How in the hell did they make their way back to the fashionsphere you ask? Well I have a good bet it all started with the sneaker wedges. While some may hate on the sporty but sexy look, they sparked an interest in the back of those Spice Girl lovin’ designers. I personally do have a pair of sneaker wedges, and I must say I’ve worn them maybe three times. After walking through the L in my all black shoes with hot pink laces, I must admit it felt a bit ridiculous. So, will I adhere to the newest oldest trend once again? I don’t know.

Check out his article by Elle for more fashion trends making a come back.

The things you can do with platform sneakers is actually pretty awesome, and if you’re short like I am, you’re adding on an extra three inches with total foot support and comfort! If that’s not enough to get you racing to the store I don’t know what is. But, the only beauty in a heel is making your legs and butt look spectacular- will these new kicks have the same support? Eh, not entirely sure. I mean you will be elevated from the ground, plus. But, you’ll also be completely flat to the ground, minus. There is total comfort and little risk of bunion’s with these sneaks, which is the direct cause of very little booty raising and leg slimming.  Don’t get me wrong comfort is all we want when it comes to a night out with your girls getting wild on the dance floor, so in that case, a little flat height might be all I want after a 6 hour night…

Next up, what do I wear with them?  You can honestly wear almost anything. Skinny jeans? Yes. Body-con? Yes. Shorts? Hell yes. So the trouble doesn’t lie in what will they look good with. Don’t even worry about that. And worst case scenario if you’re struggling for some outfit inspiration, but whip out your computer and see what Baby Spice wore every day.

Platform sneakers or no platform sneakers, that is the question. And after much speculation, ridicule, and research as to what my options are..I say yes! Check out some of my fab finds with heels and without from Nasty Gal, H&M, Akira,  and more here:

 platform sneakers  platform sneakers