10 Creative Playing Card Decks

Art can appear in the most unlikely places, one of the most unlikeliest of places is probably playing cards. Why play with boring, old regular cards when you can get any of these?
1) Space Invaders Playing Cards – Art. Lebedev Studio

From one of my favourite studios, founder Artemy Lebedev and his team created this full, 8-bit style, Space Invaders playing card deck.

More info here.

space invader cards


2) Solitaire.exe – Evan Roth

More nostalgia! This pack was created by Evan Roth as an entry into the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards in the Interaction Design category. The design is based on Windows 98′s classic game of Solitaire, originally designed by Susan Kare (illustrious icon designer who also worked for Apple) and Leslie Kooy. Roth was the eventual winner in his category, the pack however was only created in a limited 500 print run which has since sold out.

More info here.

solitaire.exe playing cards

3) Metrodeck – Norman Ibarra

A truly unique deck; each New York City subway card is found at random and painstakingly screen-printed by Ibarra with enamel ink, in a 4-colour process. Each face card is of a famous New York landmark, for example the Queen of Hearts is the Statue of Liberty and the King of Diamonds is the Empire State Building. Ibarra has a shop on Etsy where you can buy a complete deck which will set you back $550, or buy individual cards for $20-$25. It may seem like a lot but Ibarra has hand screen-printed each of the cards 4 times for each colour, that’s a lot of work!

More info here.

metrodeck playing cards

4) Zelda Poker Card Set – Nelde

The Swiss based artist and student known as Nelde replaced the boring, regular card suits and created a deck with “Heartpieces”, “Rupees”, “Swords” and of course “Triforces”. The conceptual deck was picked up by site fangamer and was created by the US Playing Card Company who are responsible for top card brand Bicycle.

Check out the “Link” here (couldn’t resist, sorry).

5) Helveticards – Ryan Myers

Whether you love or hate Helvetica, these cards are certainly different from your average pack. Myers created the pack based on the Swiss style of Helvetica; a clean, organised look; “Less is more”. The pack was also made available in CYMK and Cyan versions exclusive to Fab.com.

More info here.

6) Typographic Playing Cards – Hat-trick Design

Each of the cards created by Hat-trick has been carefully designed so that the number or letter creates an image of the suit it’s in. For example two ‘J’s from Jack rotated make a heart. I wouldn’t blame you for spending more time trying to figure out where the suit is on each card, rather than actually playing with them!

More info here.

7) Personalised Facebook Playing Cards – Firebox

Know someone in your life who is a complete Joker? Have a King or Queen of your Heart? Then this is the pack for you! Playing Cards get brought fully into the 21st century with this personalised Facebook update. Simply sign in with Facebook on Firebox and pick 54 of your friends, their pictures get added to the cards and hey presto you have a personalised deck.

More info here.

8) Creative Cards – Vlad Korzinin

Creative Cards is the vision of Vlad Korzinin, Spanish designer. Each card is designed by a different designer, artist or illustrator which were voted for by the public. Artists include some of my personal favourites; James White (of Signalnoise), Magomed Dovjenko and Zutto. Each card is truly a work of art!

More info here.

9) CMYK Cards – Hundred Million

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (the “key” colour – black). The suits are changed from the regular Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades to represent one of those colours, with each number representing a tone, 1 being 10%, 2 being 20% etc, the higher the percentage the darker the colour. They even have colour bars and registration marks for extra print geekery.

More info here.


10)  Animal Kingdom Cards – Hatch Design

Hatch Design in collaboration with WWF created a playing card deck made from FSC-certified paper from sustainable forests, starch-based laminates, and vegetable-based inks, so they couldn’t be any more green! The face cards are all replaced with adorable illustrations of animals but even better; $1.00 from each pack gets donated to WWF.

More info here.


Image Credits: Art. Lebedev, Gizmag, Etsy, Fangamer, Monomoda, Designboom, Firebox, Creative Cards, Hundred Million, Theory11.

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