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Flame Throwing Trombone

Origin of Cool: USA Flame-throwing trombone. No further explanation needed!   Read more [...]

Sheikh Writes Name On Island That Can Be Seen From Space

Sheikh Writes Name On Island That Can Be Seen From Space

Origin of Cool: United Arab EmiratesA desert sheikh has taken vanity to the next level. He has carved Read more [...]

We Miss You: Short Film

We Miss You: Short Film

Origin of Cool: Germany “We Miss You” by Hanna Maria Heidrich, a short film about humanity’s Read more [...]

The Coolest School Bus

Origin of Cool: USADesigned by Tefan Sagmeister and Ben Cohen the bus was built by Tom Kennedy in 2008. Read more [...]

The Coolest Music Video

The Coolest Music Video

Origin of Cool: USA Looks like a Justin Bieber video where kids drink lemonade and dance around for Read more [...]

Portishead: Live At Alexandra Palace

Origin of Cool: England Date: Saturday 23rd July, 2011 Location: Alexandra Palace, London Event: Read more [...]

INSIDE: Hollywood’s First Social Film

INSIDE: Hollywood’s First Social Film

Last week, we brought you news about Hollywood’s 1st Social Film – Inside – brought to you by Intel Read more [...]

Bee Wearing Contest

Origin of Cool: China In China’s Hunan province, two crazy bee keepers – Lu Kongjiang and Wang Read more [...]

The Coolest Retirement Home in the World

The Coolest Retirement Home in the World

Origin of Cool: USA This is a nice viral video from the Clark Retirement Community in Grand Rapids, Read more [...]

The World’s Smallest Postal Service

Origin of Cool: USA Lea Redmond has created The World’s Smallest Post Service which allows people Read more [...]

The Coolest Coffins

Origin of Cool: GhanaIn most countries, people are buried in non-descript black coffins. In Ghana, they Read more [...]

Origin of Cool: ChinaIncredible imagination and creativity has gone into this building: The Piano Mu

Piano Music Academy

Read more [...]

The Coolest Library Ever

Origin of Cool: USAThis is the Kansas City Public Library. The Community Bookshelf is a striking feature Read more [...]

World’s Largest Ice Cream Cakes

Origin of Cool: USA Dairy Queen workers built the world’s largest ice cream cake in Toronto on May Read more [...]

Street Pianos Around The World

Origin of Cool: GlobalTouring internationally since 2008, “Play Me, I’m Yours” is an artwork by Read more [...]

Magnum Eating A Magnum

Being a blogger has its perks. I get asked to stay at and review 5-star hotels for free, get given brand Read more [...]

Dear Photograph: A New Way To Remember The Past

Origin of Cool: USA Dear Photograph is a tumblr blog that allows you to ‘take a picture of a picture Read more [...]

Bench Press Advertising

Origin of Cool: New Zealand The ad agency DDB Auckland got clever for their Superette (a clothing chain) Read more [...]

The Coolest Cinema In The World

Origin of Cool: RussiaDesigned by Gijo Paul George and Hend Almatrouk, this architectural masterpiece Read more [...]

Provocative Parisien Urinals

Origin of Cool: FranceWe recently brought you an article about thermochromic urinals where your pee changed Read more [...]

Pure Imagination

Pure Imagination

Origin of Cool: USA From the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This is especially for anyone Read more [...]

I Hear Voices…

I Hear Voices…

Origin of Cool: USA Google have announced the launch of Voice Search for desktop which is cool in Read more [...]

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