3Doodler: World’s First 3D Printing Pen

We’ve seen 3D printers cropping up in the news recently, notably Bre Pettis’s MakerBot series, but the team at WobbleWorkswho specialise in robotics, have taken 3D printing to the next level. Forget drawing on a flat surface, with 3Doodler you can literally draw in the air. The 3Doodler uses heated ABS Plastic which cools instantly after leaving the nozzle, it requires no software or special skills, all you need is a power socket and some imagination. However, even though the 3Doodler is easy to use and the plastic is safe to touch, the nozzle can get extremely hot so at the moment the 3Doodler is not for children. You can view the 3Doodler’s Kickstarter page here, the project got completely funded within a few hours and the offers are disappearing fast!

3Doodler Pen in hand


3Doodler Ostrich and Eiffel tower

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