5 Bizarre Festivals From Around The World

Monkey Buffet Festival – Lopburi, Thailand

Set up solely for the purpose of encouraging tourists, this festival occurs every year, on the last Saturday in November. Look out for money statues and monkeys dressed-up in costumes!

monkeys macaques fruit mountain Thailand

The Turnip Festival – Richterswil, Switzerland

Held on the second Saturday in November every year on Lake Zurich, the festival marks the season change from autumn to winter. Look out for 26 tonnes of hollowed out turnip lanterns and turnip floats.

turnips lanterns festival Switzerland weird

The Festival Of Near Death Experiences – As Neves, Spain

Every year at the end of July, anyone who has had a near death experience hops into an open coffin and is carried by to the local church. Slightly morbid, I think!

The Carnival Of Binche – Binche, Belgium

This weird carnival occurs on Shrove Tuesday and attracts around 1,000 local males who dress in bizarre and scary-looking masks and wooden shoes. The whole event is supposed to ward off the evil spirits. I think it will probably ward off everyone!

carnival Binche Belgium weird masks

Festival of the horns | Rocca Canterano, Italy

Held on the second Saturday of November, the Festa del Cornuto (Feast of the Cuckold) is a parade that honours people who have been cheated on by their partners (the horns symbolise heroism).

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