Apprenticeships In British Intelligence: Become The Next James Bond

With the new James Bond movie Skyfall in theaters, GCHQ, MI5 (Security Service) and MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service) have chosen the perfect time to offer a Higher Apprenticeship like no other. Their two year technical programme in IT, software, internet, telecoms gives you a base in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire for your first year. You’ll be earning a salary (approx £17,000) and gaining a unique insight into a world that you won’t find on any university course. With GCHQ you’ll be combining the theory with the practice by working with some of the best and most cutting edge technology.

GCHQ venue MI6 secret service

If you have seen Skyfall, you’ll be familiar with Javier Bardem’s Raoul Silva – a cyber criminal. At GCHQ, you’ll be helping to tackle cyber threats, terrorism, counter espionage and organized crime. The programme may also give you some opportunities in London for the second year of the placement. After successful completion of your apprenticeship, you’ll gain a Foundation Degree and a level 4 Diploma in IT Professional Competence. After the course, use your technical skills you’ve gained in a career in British Intelligence. 007 is so yesterday. You will be 008!
- What do you like about the internship?
- Could you see yourself as the next James Bond?GCHQ British Intelligence Apprenticeships MI6

You will have, or be expected to gain by September 2013, three A-Levels (or equivalent qualifications), two of which must be at Grade C or above in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) related subject.
Register for their open days in Manchester, London or Cheltenham at
Applications will open on 18th October, closing on 30th November 2012.
The Nitty Gritty:
Applicants must be British citizens. GCHQ values diversity and welcomes applicants from all sections of the community. We want our workforce to reflect the diversity of our work.

GCHQ Apprenticeships British Intelligence MI6
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