Art From The Ashes: Commemorating Natural Disasters

Origin of Cool: Austin, USA

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Origin of Cool: Austin, USA 30.268209, -97.743426 Art From The Ashes

Art From The Ashes is an exhibition that I heard was in Austin, Texas and I simply had to go. Last year, the Bastrop fires made it onto the BBC news in England but I didn’t realize the scale of devastation until I visited this exhibition. The space showcases nearly 100 works of art donated by Texas based artists and focuses on materials salvaged from the fire locations.

As you walk into the room, the first thing you notice is about 30 trees that you assume are fake, They are actually burnt trees from Bastrop. The other pieces are poignant, educational and stark. The video on a projector screen is short but shows you the sheer scale of the fires. The exhibition runs until 5th May 2012 at 121 W.Sixth Street, Austin, Texas.

Jesse Hartman – ‘Table and Throne’

burnt tree table art gallery

Louis Greco – ‘Homeless Keys’

keys box house art gallery

Pat Johnson – ‘The Restoration’

rabbit art gallery exhibition weird

Revi Meicler – ‘Metamorphosis II’

collage painting art gallery canvas

works on wood art exhibition

Marjorie Moore – ‘Drought, Fire, Ash #5′

painting surreal art gallery exhibition

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