Austin Carnival: The Biggest Party Outside Of Brazil

The Austin Carnaval (we’re going with the Portuguese spelling as Carnival really originates in Brazil) is an invigorating event that brings color, passion and music together to celebrate life. I was lucky enough to be invited to attend on Saturday 2nd February and expected a rather tame US interpretation of the famous South American carnivals. Well, outside the venue you would never have guessed anything was going on inside the Palmer Events Center.

As I went through the main entrance though, I heard one of my favorite sounds in the world – a samba band getting into full swing. I picked up my souvenir poster with its classic artwork and wandered backstage. It was pretty quiet as I got there near the beginning but as I came out near the stage, the samba band and dancers were approaching. There is a different theme for carnival every year and this year’s theme was Peter Pan. I saw a man wearing a white top hat and tail combination, a woman dressed in mermaid hot pants and a guy dressed as a big baby holding a teddy bear and sucking a pacifier! The band was tight and the dancers beautifully choreographed. A couple of Brazilian bands performed and rocked and I will definitely be going to the next one! Check out some of the photos I took below:

samba party carnaval Austin Texas
carnival dancers white dress samba
Brazilian band stage music group
devil diablo makup costume party
Wonder Woman Captain America superheroes
tree horns costume carnival party
Donnie Darko rabbit costume scary
Waldo Wonder Woman costume party
neon umbrellas costume carnival party

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