BendyBuds Headphones Stay In Your Ears And Wrap Around Your Sunglasses

BendyBuds are in-ear headphones that don’t fall out of your ears. After the massively successful Uberpong ping pong project, Origin of Cool’s have collaborated with BendyBuds (patent pending) and new inventor crowdfunding site Vovation to bring you a new invention. These innovative headphones attach to sunglasses and bend to fit your ears meaning the buds stay in!

BendyBuds are an invention by Conley Giles who founded The School of Invention. The Austin based inventor says,
“As an active person I prefer the in ear style earphones, the problem was they were always being tugged or getting pulling out of my ears. I observed that like many people, I often wore sunglasses when I used earphones, so I decided to figure out a way to suspend them from my sunglasses. So I began developing BendyBuds by incorporating a soft flexible wire into the earbuds speaker wire that would maintain the shape it was bent, allowing it to be custom fit to the users’ sunglasses or ears. This resulted in the earbuds being suspended from above the ears to rest comfortably in the ear without being tugged from below with every movement.”

Initially BendyBuds will be produced in black but if enough are purchased during the crowd funding campaign on, BendyBuds will be produced in additional colors.

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BendyBuds headphones invention Vovation earbuds

BendyBuds in-ear headphones Vovation

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