British Gas Introduces The Smart Revolution

Winter in England typically lasts from October to April. Summer is a “blink and you miss it” affair. That’s why we moved the Origin of Cool headquarters to Austin, Texas!! The British Government plans for all homes to have a smart meter installed by 2019 and British Gas are giving Brits a head start with some great money saving and hassle-free benefits. Their meters come with a handy smart energy monitor that shows the exact energy you’re using. That way it saves you valuable pounds and pennies.

What is a smart meter?
They are clever devices that communicate to an in-home display unit (a Smart Energy Monitor), giving you an instant view of your energy consumption for both gas and electricity.

Want to know how much energy the UK is wasting every year? Check out the following infographic:

The Smart Revolution is the biggest infrastructure programme in the UK since the 1970’s, when the nation switched from coal to natural gas as main fuel. Smart meters are also instrumental in enabling Britain to upgrade its National Grid. If you want to pre-register for a smart meter you can do so by entering your details here.


The Oxford Economics Report

Oxford Economics British Gas Infographic

Oxford Economics were commissioned to investigate the value of smart metering to Britain and the results were extremely positive. British homes and businesses could be nearly £14 billion better off thanks to the roll out of smart meters.

Key benefits of smart meters:
- £11.2 billion in energy savings for households and businesses.
- £10.7 billion in efficiency savings for energy suppliers.
- £3.2 billion in generation related savings.

Smart meter FAQs:

Q. Is it going to cost anything for the exchange?
No – there is no upfront cost involved for the meter exchange. You will pay for your smart meters (one far gas and one for electricity) through your energy bills in the exact same way as you pay for your current meters.

Q. Why is British Gas changing the meters? (What are the benefits?)
British Gas are exchanging meters as part of Government mandate and are currently targeting old meters that have reached their shelf life. Smart meters provide a range of benefits that help you see and understand the energy you’re using as you use it. Smart meters also help you to be in control of your energy in order to help you make real savings. You can register your interest for a smart meter here

British Gas Smart Energy Monitor

Q. Will having a smart meter affect my bills?
A smart meter won’t affect your bills but it will allow you to see the energy you are using via a smart energy monitor; which means you might be able to be more cost efficient and save money on your bills.

Q. My meters are outside; do I have to be there when they are being exchanged?
Yes – even if your meters are outside you will still need to be present during the exchange. This will help you to fully understand how to make the most out of your new smart meter.

Q. Will I still be able to update my readings online and receive Nectar points?
You will still receive your nectar points but as smart meters send us your meter readings automatically you will no longer need to submit these online.

Q. How long will the exchange take?
The exchange will take 90 minutes on average to complete.

Q. Can I have the meters installed at the same time?

Yes – both your gas and electricity meters can be fitted during the same appointment unless there are any complications on the day of exchange.

British Gas smart energy monitor

For more information check British Gas social media channels: Facebook site and Twitter site

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