The Dreads By Jonathan Franklin

Origin of Cool: Chicago, USA

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Origin of Cool: Chicago, USA 41.878114, -87.629798 The Dreads: Mop Head Sculptures 

Jonathan Franklin has always been a recycling fanatic passionate about reusing and reinventing abandoned or discarded material. As one might expect, it was just a matter of time before he found a weirdly beautiful use for some old mops that he collected. From these he created a number of portraits called “the Dreads“.

Franklin originally came up with the idea for a Chicago exhibit celebrating the 200th anniversary of Edgar Allen Poe. After that he created a full cast of characters for another Chicago show called Shakespeare Interpreted in which Richard III is surrounded by the dreadlocked disembodied mop heads of his formerly living enemies.

Franklin’s immense body of work is eclectic and varied, but his pieces consistently find a perfect balance between the unnerving and the cheery that adds a unique voice to the art world and is one of the most captivating artistic expressions around.

three mop heads concrete background art


dreads black crows poe art installation


three dread heads mops display

To see more by Jonathan Franklin, visit:
The Dreads
Flickr Photostream

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