Fit Steady: Austin Startup That Will Get Your Heart Racing

When you think of Austin startups and hear about it the area becoming “the next Silicon valley”, you know technology tends to dominate. So it was refreshing to hear about Fit Steady – a startup that makes personal fitness more accessible to the average person. Tipped as being “as easy as ordering in takeout”, Fit Steady is built upon the concept of hyper-local personal trainer match-making. Users go to the, enter their fitness goals and preferences like type of trainer and location, then get served up a list of matches in their area.

Whether you are looking for  yoga instructor or kickboxing coach at a gym, Fit Steady has a network of independent personal trainers throughout Austin. If there isn’t one to match your request, they’ll go out and find one! “After seeing too many people fumble through all of the fitness options out there, we realized there’s a huge need to have the sea of solutions curated,” says Melanie Weinberger, founder and CEO. “Our goal is to get people matched to the right fitness coach as quickly and easily as possible, eliminating what we call ‘analysis paralysis’.”

The team completes a screening process with each trainer which includes a background check and certification verification. The team also handles all logistics and payments so that there’s no friction between the client and trainer. Fit Steady believes the secret to success is a real personal relationship knowing that someone is by your side to both motivate and guide you. With monthly packages starting at $89 a month, it’s a pretty good deal. Learn more at

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