Adopt A Robot: Artificial Intelligence At Its Best

If you have ever seen Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence, you will have seen Haley  Joel Osment playing David, the eerily realistic, yet unemotional robotic boy. Before we have a robotic race where it is impossible to tell the difference between human and artificial beings, I thought I would highlight exactly what is currently out there.

These robots have been miniaturized and can do what most people can do; walk, talk, sit, dance, pick up objects, avoid obstacles, jump and kick. Here are a selection with their jaw dropping price tags and a few features:


Hanson Robokind Humanoid With Einstein Head – $42,500

The Einstein model (part of Hanson Robokind) is built stronger and faster than any robot on the market.

Albert Einstein humanoid robot technology

Aldebaran Robotics Nao H25 Humanoid Robot Academic Edition – $15,999

This is a programmable, 57-cm tall humanoid robot. The 6-watt-hour battery provides the NAO with 1.5 or more hours of “life”.

humanoid robot aldebaran artificial intelligence

Kumotek VisiON 4G Advanced Humanoid Robot – $44,000

KumoTek Robotics and Vstone of Japan have collaborated and decided to offer this robot to research institutes around the world. The VisiON 4G body was designed by robotics legend Tomotaka Takahashi of Robo-Garage in Japan.

Humanoid robot Kumotek 4G technology


Kumotek KT-X PC Advanced Humanoid Robot – $14,500

This robot incorporates 2 high end metal gear servos for enhanced stability. The blue pads provide effective shock absorption in case of falls.


Humanoid Robot Kumotek Japan technology

Kumotek KT-X Gladiator PRO Advanced Humanoid Robot – $5,500

This top-of-the-line hobby/entertainment robot can lift objects and even carry other robots on its back. You can find this robot currently on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

humanoid robot kumotek gladiator pro

Genibo Robot Dog – $165

The Dongbu ROBOT Genibo Robot Dog is a Bull Terrier type dog. It was designed in Korea. It loses energy and falls asleep when its owner does not pay attention to it for at least five minutes.

robot dog dasa genibo technology

Thanks to Will Clayton for the link

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