Rumors: iPhone 6 release in 2013?

“Apple iPhone 6 to get 4.8 inch display”, or so say many of the rumors which are currently doing the rounds in the technical press. It is even said that Apple has already produced prototypes to this specification which is similar in size to the Samsung Galaxy S III.

If like us, you use your iPhone for a little gaming at an online casino, then it is also likely that you find the screen just a little on the small size. No doubt we are being spoiled a little by the giant screens that are appearing on the latest generations of Android phones, but when we see someone playing casino games at Belle Rock Entertainment on one of those Android monsters, we iPhone users can feel just a little inadequate. It is true that the iPhone display is brighter and clearer than those Android monsters especially in bright sunlight, but there is little doubt that extra inch could make all the difference, particularly when playing certain casino games, and in particular online poker.

We are not suggesting for one moment that Apple should follow those Android boys in terms of display technology, but that Apple should make the current Retina display just a little larger. The rumours are that Apple is looking at what is being called a Retina plus display which uses IGZO technology. For the technically minded, IGZO stands for indium gallium zinc oxide and electrons can move forty times as fast in it than they can in amorphous silicon which is currently used in iPhone displays. Faster electrons mean smaller pixels and they mean better resolution and faster display refresh speeds; all the better for gaming.

So are the rumours correct? It is likely that Apple is moving in that direction, but it might not appear in the iPhone 6; we may have to wait for the iPhone 7. Then of course, there’s the iPhone 10!

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