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Since the announcement of Google’s Project Glass, wearable technology has become a hot topic as other companies have delved into the possibilities that wearable technology provides. One of those companies is ‘Memoto‘. Memoto’s “Lifelogging” Camera is a wearable camera smaller than a pack of cards (36mm x 36mm x 9mm) with a 5-megapixel camera and GPS tagging. My immediate thoughts after hearing about this were the issues that would occur from a camera constantly taking photos, Memoto address each thusly:

  • Battery Life – The side of the casing shows a battery indicator to keep you up to date, but after 2 days the camera will need to plugged in to a computer.
  • Storage – The camera can store up to the 2 days worth of photos (4,000 pictures) After being plugged in the camera then uploads all of your photos to Memoto’s cloud service (for a fee).
  • Organisation – Each of the photos that the Memoto Camera takes are time-stamped and organised into “moments” on a timeline in Memoto’s app. Each “moment” is searchable by date, time and place.
  • Privacy – There are moments in life when none of us want there to be any photographic evidence, as far as the Memoto Camera is concerned, if you don’t want to be taking photos, simply take the camera off. However if you do leave it on, feel safe in the knowledge that all of your Memoto photos will be set default to private viewing only. There is the issue of others privacy too. Legally you are allowed to take photos of what you want, as long as you are not violating any laws. However Memoto advices users to remove the camera immediately if asked and to not take any photos anywhere you feel they shouldn’t.

What do you think about Memoto’s camera? Is this a step into the future of wearable technology or an invasion of privacy?

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