Michelin Tweel: The Future of Tires

Origin of Cool: Auvergne, France

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Origin of Cool: Auvergne, France 45.703269, 3.344854 Michelin Tweels

Imagine you are speeding down an open highway. The wind is in your hair and the music is blasting, when suddenly with a bump and a hiss, your GTA joyride comes to an unfortunate end. You made it this far but if only you had a tire impervious to spike strips. If only you had jacked a car with the new Michelin Tweel, an experimental tire design from the future.

The Tweel not only looks futuristic, NASA is currently adopting it for the next generation Lunar Rover. It is airless, so you will never have to worry about driving over glass or filling your tires. Tweels are designed to last 2-3 times as long as conventional rubber tires and are easily replaceable.

Currently, the Tweel is optimized for lower speed and lighter vehicles, so its more likely you’ll see these bad boys on scooters, wheelchairs, and military vehicles; not quite ideal for high speed pursuit. But you probably should have thought of that before stealing the car, airless tires or not.

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