MyBizTracker: Cool iPhone App Makes Business A Piece Of Cake

MyBizTracker iPhone app business technologyWe’ve looked at several apps on Origin of Cool but here’s a cool one that has just been launched. MyBizTracker has been developed by Intuit (the creators of QuickBooks Online). It is easy to use, extremely user friendly and available for free on your iPhone. MyBizTracker makes it easy for your business to record income and expenses and keep track of every receipt.

MyBizTracker iPhone app business technologyEvery time you grab a coffee, wine and dine or jump in a cab, you can snap a photo of the receipt using your iPhone. When it comes to your IRS or HMRC return, you can quickly search for a receipt and find it easily. No more lost receipts that fell down the back of the sofa! MyBizTracker updates your balance in real time and shows you your cash flow so you know if you are in the black or red.

MyBizTracker iPhone app business technologyMyBizTracker reminds you about key dates for your business so you don’t have to worry about forgetting an important deadline. It’ll let you know when your Self Assessment tax return is due and warn if you’re approaching the sales tax/VAT registration threshold.

MyBizTracker iPhone app business technology

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