Snow Art By Simon Beck

Origin of Cool: Savoie, France

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Origin of Cool: Savoie, France 45.493204, 6.472400 Snow Art by Simon Beck

We have already seen how artists can use snow as a blank canvas and do some amazing things (see Snow Circles By Sonja Hinrichsen). These giant artworks below have been created by Simon Beck, an artist born in Southern England with most of his works being done in Savoie, France. On average one of these pieces takes roughly 10 hours to complete. He creates these by setting out points with a handheld orienteering compass and distance determination using pace counting or measuring tape. Simon is very active on Facebook and you can view more of his work here.

snow circles art white winter

snowflakes art white winter shapes

kaleidoscope snow art winter shapes

snow circles art winter shapes

snow art winter stars shapes

snow art winter cubes shapes

snow art winter patterns stars

via: 123inspiration


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