Star Wars Eyeglasses

Of course the big news recently for Star Wars fans has been the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney. A lot of people are getting excited about it for different reasons but there is no doubt it is a huge event that will have a lasting effect on the franchise.

Star Wars Eyewear by Aigan

Star Wars Eyewear

I saw these glasses advertised a while back but they have finally gone on sale and can be bought through They seem to be fairly high quality glasses made by a big company in Japan called Aigan.

Despite being Star Wars designs they are far from tacky. They use colors from the Star Wars world to represent characters and while they will certainly look familiar to many die-hard fans they won’t scream STAR WARS!

I don’t wear glasses but if I did, despite having very little interest in Star Wars, I would consider wearing these.

They cost 29,400 yen which is about US$350 but I have a feeling they don’t ship outside of Japan. At least not yet but perhaps in a┬álong time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

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