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Victorian hipster and artist Oscar Wilde once said, “A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament”. Unique individuals will often, by nature, stray from the commercialism of mainstream books, films and music. Often, they identify in art that is more secluded and sui generis. For those who find themselves staring at a music collection that is anything but Jay-Z and Lady Gaga, your tastes are indeed specific, and more than likely it takes great deal for you to be impressed by a music artist and like his/her work.  If you want to make your search simple then grab free music downloads @ KazaGold where you can discover artists that are enjoyed by a limited group of admirers. This article will address some concerns that apply to choosing a free music download site, and strive to set you on your path to finding another unique artist who plays in tune to the fabric of your being.

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Too Many Choices, I Give Up

Not so fast. If you wear sandals and wool beanies at the same time, then you will definitely want the down low on the differences that dwell between various free music download websites. First of all, some of these companies use the term “free” as a marketing ploy to draw people in. It turns out their sites do not let you really download music for free. Although they may not charge you a fee for each individual song you download, they will charge you a monthly membership fee. And let’s face it; the market is saturated with so much terrible commercialized garbage that paying a monthly fee doesn’t benefit someone with refined tastes who might (if they are lucky) find 2 or 3 songs a month that are apropos to their unique standards. Finding a site that offers free music downloads with no hidden fees is the way to go.

Another thing to consider is quantity. Remember, for every 1000 songs there may only be one you like. Most company’s media libraries have 1 or 2 million songs. Look for a truly free site that more than triples this number. The more tracks they offer, the better your chances of binding to a newly discovered artist that truly moves you.

Go Explore

The experimental music you love is abundant on free music download sites, as these artists truly just care about sharing their music with others. They are not looking to get rich and board private jets. As someone who turns my nose up at almost everything I hear on the radio, let me give a personal recommendation: Lost Civilizations, featured in Sound Click, is an experimental music project that I doubt you have heard of. This project is a collaboration between Mike Sebastian and T.A.Zook. You won’t find them on iTunes, but you can catch them playing around the Washington DC Metro and Baltimore area. Their music can also be discovered on free music download sites. Do your diligent research, find a download site that is truly free, and go seek out these artists who want only to be heard.


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