The World’s Coolest Offices 2012

What is it like to work in one of the best designed offices in the world? According to Inc., many of the world’s coolest offices belong to tech start-up companies that are not afraid of an innovative approach to office space planning and workplace design.

Ping-Pong tables and bright plastic furniture are so last year. Check just a few examples of the top offices 2012.

Skype in Stockholm, Sweden
The web connections created among Skype users are represented by stylish white woven-backed metal chairs, while multi-colour seating spaces and rugs are the symbol of Skype’s worldwide presence.

Skype office design Stockholm Sweden

Square in San Francisco, U.S.A.
Square’s office features “tertiary spaces” created with plywood and felt. The office’s clean design is something the company’s founder is very proud of. In fact, Jack Dorsey used to encourage employees to clear their desks of clutter at the end of the working day.

Square San Francisco interior design
Red Bull, London, U.K.
The Red Bull office features a floating staircase and a huge slide running through the centre of the building. Isn’t it a great place to release stress, have fun and get creative?

Red Bull slide London office
Red Bull London interior design

Jun von Matt, Hamburg, Germany
The ad agency’s office features massive built-in tables and benches that seem to be a single fluid piece of furniture, which creates an impression of one unified space. Higher bench backs make the wall of the main office while lower bench backs overlook a cosy kitchen.

Jun von Matt interior design
Nothing, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The ad agency’s office is one-of-a-kind. Designers used over 1,600 feet of cardboard and glue to make bookshelves and desks as well as create separate working spaces. The interior elements are cut to resemble iron bars with support beams.

Nothing Amsterdam cool interior design

Google, New York City, U.S.A.
Recently described as “100% nerd heaven”, the office housing many of Google’s engineers features drums, electric guitars, built-in OR code signs on the walls and so on.

Google NYC LEGO interior design

AOL Ventures, New York City, U.S.A.
The office is located in the neighbourhood considered the southern sector of Silicon Alley. Its unique image is created by vintage billiard tables, worn Oriental rugs, arched windows, exposed brick doorways and cave-like meeting rooms.

AOL interior design NYC office
Whether you are into playground aesthetic, library-like or ultra-sleek futuristic designs, creating unforgettable offices is easier than you think, with office fit-out and refurbishment services available.

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