What Features Does The New Samsung Have?

Samsung’s latest arrival comes in the form of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini – trading off the marketability and technological prowess displayed by its big brother, the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The S3, like its predecessor, the S2 is a genuine landmark in mobile phone technology.  It’s packed with innovation and raw processing power making the phone a near complete multimedia device.  A mobile phone is now much more than just a communications device, reflected in Samsung’s extensive new product range of tablets, ‘phablets’ and phones – the Note, Galaxy Tab, Ace etc.

It seems like screen size is the prevailing argument emerging from the battle to be market leader and most high end Android phones do tend to err towards the 5 inch mark.  The S3 itself is an ample 4.8 inches, making it highly suitable for web browsing, gaming, social networking and generally as an all-round personal assistant.

galaxy SIII mini mobile phone

That said there are now some superb examples of the modern mobile phone at http://www.dialaphone.co.uk that happen to weigh in at around the 4 inch mark.  A mobile phone with a 4 inch screen has an innate navigability, arising from the fact that it fits easily into the palm and can be controlled quickly with one hand.  If you have a tablet at home you may still see the mobile phone as needing a big screen, but not so big as to usurp the duties of the tablet or laptop.

Samsung have doffed their cap to this market with the introduction of the new Samsung Galaxy Mini – a 4 inch mid-range contender with many of the same assets as its big brother – the S3 – but with a slightly lesser spec.

The S3 Mini has a 1GHz dual core processor and 1GB of RAM, meaning it’s certainly no slouch and compared to most of its mid-range rivals it could be one of the hottest phones on the market in coming weeks.  Jelly Bean 4.1 and a decent camera will give it a status of its own outside the shadow of the brilliant Galaxy SIII.

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